3 strategies to boost your productivity for grant makers

Knowing your team

If you are a leader of your organisation, knowing your team will be a  benefit as you will know who is better at a certain task. Often when your team member does the task they enjoy, it will often get done quicker as they are more experienced with the task.  This will help increase the overall productivity as they are confident in that specific area to work through it quickly. When you know your team well, you will be able to assign task to the right individual.


Effective communication

If communication isn’t effective then it can cause a lot of hassle within your organisation. Communication is very important when it comes to working in a team or even with one other member. Communication is there to ensure that everyone is on the same page and not spend time where is not needed  because of what can be communicated between team members. Performing all tasks on one platform can help everything run smoothly as everything will be seen as soon as it is notified so nothing is missed.


Know your deadlines

Knowing your deadlines will give the idea of the pace you should be working at. Looking at your deadlines will also help you become aware of what needs to be done by when and spending time in the right areas. By looking at the tasks, you should be able to manage your time. Any spare time can be spent on things that deserved more time in order to ensure the best result.


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