8 historical facts about sports sponsorship to amaze your colleagues

Have you watched a sports game without some brand’s logo on it? Still possible but less likely, of course, because majority of sponsorship is actually being sponsored on sports teams and sporting events. Here is an article of facts on sports sponsorship that you may have not heard of.

As much as the purpose of sponsoring a team means advertisement for the company, sports sponsorship is about awareness and not about the business performance.


Sports sponsorship can only work with global brands as they are pricey.


Sport sponsorship is usually more expensive because it is clear who the target audience is and audience are always engaging and active. Millennials are the next generations and millennials are not watching traditional media.


When sponsoring a sports team, often the team will be wearing the brand logo on their team top and also logo of the brand all over the court. This means that when this is going on TV, even if the audience aren’t at the stadium, the brand logo will still be visible anyway because it will be everywhere unlike when advertising on TV.


Sports make almost $44 billion on sponsorship which is 70% of all sponsorships in total.


Result from a research shows that stock price effects caused by sports events’ sponsorship.


Even though over $1 billion from the Olympics was made from sponsorship, there are no signs of brands that sponsored the event.


According to a research done by Institute of Alcohol Studies, evidence suggests there is an association between alcohol sports sponsorship and harmful drinking among schoolchildren and sports people as the purpose of marketing is the need to create the need for desire.


Here you have it, some historical facts to amaze your colleagues with, but which would you choose to amaze them with? To keep up to date with fun facts like this stay subscribed to Optimy’s Blog!

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