Why data matters for your grantmaking

Just words on your website or leaflet isn’t enough anymore. You need solid information to prove the quality that you have as a grantmaker in order for grant seekers to have trust in you and the foundation you work for. … Continue Reading

Infographics: economic development

Source: Business Dictionary, GIS Planning, SVBIC, IMF, Wikiversity, Wikipedia: Economy of Africa, Wikipedia: Economy of Europe, and Spark Notes.

Optimy is attending SPOBIS Gaming & Media

SPOBIS Gaming & Media will be taking place for the first time in Cologne. There will be over 50 speakers representing worldwide brands. As the theme of the topics matter to us, we will be attending the event on August … Continue Reading

This week in Sponsorship – week 34

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What makes a successful sponsorship

When talking about what makes a successful sponsorship, we have to first define what successful mean to us in our own terms. This way, we can then go about deciding whether the sponsorship was successful or not. When it comes … Continue Reading

This week in Philanthropy – week 33

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Infographic: Esports : what is it + sponsor data

Are you curious about what eSports industry is like and how it has been growing since it first began? Have a look at this eSports infographics to find out more. Source Articles: BBC and Newzoo

5 best practices for being a better Grantmaker

In order to make the best funding decision, grantmakers work extremely hard to put the application questions together in order to gain as much information from grantseekers as possible before making any funding decisions. Although the application process will be … Continue Reading

How the sports industry is moving on 2.0

With the shift and innovation in technology within this generation, it is obvious that sports industry is also shifting along with what technology has to offer. This article will be about ‘how the sports industry is moving on 2.0.’ With … Continue Reading

10 foundations whose funds go towards global economic development projects

An article consisting of lists of grantmakers whose aims are to make as many impacts for one purpose – giving opportunities to everyone. Have a read to see what each foundation’s missions are. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The foundation … Continue Reading