[Infographic] Women in Philanthropy

Evidence shows that women give more than their male peers at virtually all income levels. Here are the most up to date statistics about women in philanthropy. Want to get the latest news about Philanthropy? Source: Fortune  

5 key benefits of corporate volunteering programs

While monetary donations and donated products or services can have a great impact on a worthy cause, many have noted that corporate volunteer programs have a potentially greater value in the long run. Find out why below with 5 key … Continue Reading

Optimy shortlisted for Brussels Best Exporters award!

We are once again very happy to announce that we have been nominated for the Brussels Best Exporters award in the services category along with two other Brussels-based companies, SatADSL and 87seconds. We are very excited for the awards ceremony … Continue Reading

5 great examples of sponsoring local events and its benefits!

Sponsoring projects is a great way to promote a company and its values. However, it is often considered a very costly expense which is difficult to achieve for smaller businesses. A solution to this problem is sponsoring local events, which are … Continue Reading

[Infographic] The Philanthropy forecast for 2017

What does the future hold for Philanthropy? This question have yet to be answered in a definitive way. However, thanks to data and research, organisations are now able to deliver detailed and precise forecasts. We compiled them in the infographic … Continue Reading

5 companies with impressive corporate giving programs

Corporate giving seems to be on the rise. More and more companies are committing to this kind of corporate philanthropy. The two main ways to donate are: Matching gift programs: Corporations match employee donations to eligible nonprofits, thus doubling or tripling … Continue Reading

10 Nonprofits that use Social Media in an Outstanding Way

Social media represent one of the best opportunities for nonprofits to present themselves, increase their reputation, and, above all, increase community engagement. However, social media is a very wide and competitive landscape, so nonprofits are required to have a strategy … Continue Reading

What did we learn at the Symposium?

Last week we attended the 2017 edition of the Swiss Foundations Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. With over 400 people present at the event it maintained its reputation as the largest conference for foundations in Switzerland. We had a great day … Continue Reading

Foundations news digest – Week 22

Are you interested in the foundations and philanthropy sector and its latest developments? Look no further as we have made it easy for you to keep up. Check out our handpicked articles featuring the latest philanthropy news! Technology for the … Continue Reading

8 Blogs to Stay up-to-date about Philanthropy

Philanthropy is growing rapidly and is continuously having to evolve to accommodate for this growth. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the latest news and changes. Due to this issue, we have compiled for you a list … Continue Reading