Checklist to ensure you are sponsoring the right project

Sponsoring an event can be challenging when you are unsure about whether or not this method is right for you. Since it is one of the most successful ways to give your brand some exposure and give your consumer the … Continue Reading

Why you need a grant strategy

According to the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, it is believed that in order to earn your success you need a strategy. The meaning of strategy is: A plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. … Continue Reading

How volunteering can enhance your brand awareness

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How can your foundation take part in sustainable development?

If anyone has the power to take part in the sustainable development and see results, it would be foundations. Larger foundations like the Conrad N. Hilton, UPS Foundation and many more really focus on making the world a better place. … Continue Reading

A practical guide to sponsorship management

Know your objectives Before you go forward with any projects you have in mind, you must know exactly what you want to achieve from it. Consider the objectives your goals of the project. Write down what you want to achieve … Continue Reading

A practical guide to grant management

Being a grantmaker is never easy when there are so many tasks to do for each application and when there are many applications to look through, it makes your job as a grantmaker harder. This article is put together to … Continue Reading

Grant management software: how it can help you to be more efficient

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Grant management best practices for non profit

Think of funders as customers Since your mission needs to be sustainable and successful, you need to treat your funders like customers whilst you are negotiating with them.  By treating funders like customers, you will also build relationship with them. … Continue Reading

Traits that sponsorship managers should have

A sponsorship manager is somewhat a very interesting role to be in. Not only must you have a passion for the sponsorship activities itself, you must have an all round knowledge in many areas in order to be sponsoring the … Continue Reading

Why data matters for your grantmaking

Just words on your website or leaflet isn’t enough anymore. You need solid information to prove the quality that you have as a grantmaker in order for grant seekers to have trust in you and the foundation you work for. … Continue Reading