Infographics: 2018, the year of Sponsorship in Asia

Source: Statista

Infographics: The cost of using free spreadsheets

[Infographics] Foundation: How to select the best application to fund

[Infographics] The grantmaking process

Organisations making grants programs have a tremendous impact on the society and on individuals’ lives. Our experience working with foundations, and a lot of readings on the subject, allowed us to put together this infographics that sums up the grantmaking … Continue Reading

[Infographics] Sports Sponsorship

Are you curious about how the sports sponsorship industry is moving forward? Take a look at this infographic to know what is happening. Are you looking for a solution to manage your sponsorship activities? Source: Statista

Infographics: economic development

Source: Business Dictionary, GIS Planning, SVBIC, IMF, Wikiversity, Wikipedia: Economy of Africa, Wikipedia: Economy of Europe, and Spark Notes.

Infographic: Esports : what is it + sponsor data

Are you curious about what eSports industry is like and how it has been growing since it first began? Have a look at this eSports infographics to find out more. Source Articles: BBC and Newzoo

[Infographics] What’s CSR? Definition, History, and Trend

Would you like to have an understanding of what CSR is and where it stands for your company and your consumers? Have a look at this CSR infographics to find out more. Source: Article: Financial Times, A Historic perspective of … Continue Reading

Infographic: What’s sponsorship? History, definition, and trends

Sources Article: Business Case Studies, The Business of Sports, and Independent Image: Rio Olympic logo and Coke logo

Infographic: What’s grantmaking? History, definition, and trends

  Image source: Wikipedia