[Infographics] Sports Sponsorship

Are you curious about how the sports sponsorship industry is moving forward? Take a look at this infographic to know what is happening. Are you looking for a solution to manage your sponsorship activities? Source: Statista

Infographics: economic development

Source: Business Dictionary, GIS Planning, SVBIC, IMF, Wikiversity, Wikipedia: Economy of Africa, Wikipedia: Economy of Europe, and Spark Notes.

Infographic: Esports : what is it + sponsor data

Are you curious about what eSports industry is like and how it has been growing since it first began? Have a look at this eSports infographics to find out more. Source Articles: BBC and Newzoo

[Infographics] What’s CSR? Definition, History, and Trend

Would you like to have an understanding of what CSR is and where it stands for your company and your consumers? Have a look at this CSR infographics to find out more. Source: Article: Financial Times, A Historic perspective of … Continue Reading

Infographic: What’s sponsorship? History, definition, and trends

Sources Article: Business Case Studies, The Business of Sports, and Independent Image: Rio Olympic logo and Coke logo

Infographic: What’s grantmaking? History, definition, and trends

  Image source: Wikipedia

Infographics of the week: Understanding SaaS

Would you like to have an understanding of what SaaS is and why SaaS is good for your business? Take a look at this infographic to give you a quick clear idea of what SaaS is and why your business should … Continue Reading

[Infographic] Women in Philanthropy

Evidence shows that women give more than their male peers at virtually all income levels. Here are the most up to date statistics about women in philanthropy. Want to get the latest news about Philanthropy? Source: Fortune  

[Infographic] The Philanthropy forecast for 2017

What does the future hold for Philanthropy? This question have yet to be answered in a definitive way. However, thanks to data and research, organisations are now able to deliver detailed and precise forecasts. We compiled them in the infographic … Continue Reading

USA Sponsorships simplified with Optimy [Infographic]

Sponsorships in the USA have reached record rates for every upcoming year in sponsorship spendings. The leading American brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the automaker Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc. and the technology company GoPro Inc. are some of the most active … Continue Reading