[Infographic] The Philanthropy forecast for 2017

What does the future hold for Philanthropy? This question have yet to be answered in a definitive way. However, thanks to data and research, organisations are now able to deliver detailed and precise forecasts. We compiled them in the infographic … Continue Reading

6 organisations that have volunteer programs to make the world a better place

Webster’s dictionary defines a volunteer as : “a person who does something by free choice usually with no payment expected or given”. This introduction may be hackneyed, but the volunteering programs you’re about to read are far from that. Check … Continue Reading

9 Tips on Finding a Sponsor with sports sponsorship research

This week, we once again partnered with RTR sports marketing to bring you even more interesting insights. Read further to discover 9 tips on how to search for, and request sports sponsorship. … Continue Reading

Experts for Optimy: Institutional Philanthropy in Italy

Today we hand it over to Carola Carazzone, General Secretary of Assifero, the national membership association of Italian grant-making foundations and private institutional philanthropy. She will share her views on the Italian and international evolution of institutional philanthropy and on … Continue Reading

Optimy hosts the next Brussels PHP meetup!

We are excited to announce that Optimy will be hosting the next Brussels PHP meetup at our offices! This event will take place on Wednesday the 15th of March and will bring together backend developers for an evening of learning … Continue Reading

14 Experts Reveal 3 Upcoming Sponsorship Challenges in 2017

Sponsorships are challenging and although many master the best practices, opinions and approaches still vary from one industry to another. We conducted a list of the 14 most influential sponsorship experts from all around the world and collected their thoughts … Continue Reading

The History of Sports Sponsorship – Part 1 [Infographic]

The history of sports sponsorship began over 2.500 years ago. Back then, many victors returning home to the city received tax exemptions, statues erected at Olympia in their honour, and many other perks. See the infographic below to discover the … Continue Reading

Gender gap in sports and sponsorships [infographic]

Although women in the household make most of the purchase decisions and are projected to drive 70 – 80% of all consumer purchasing by 2018, according to professional services firm EY, studies have proven that only 19.6% of sponsorships target … Continue Reading

Experts for Optimy: talking about eSports, YouTubers and influencer marketing

Today we hand it over to Natalia Grodecka, Key Account Manager at GetHero – also manager of ReZigiusz, one of the Polish most successful YouTubers – who will share her view about the growth of the eSport industry. … Continue Reading

Who is running a Christmas charity campaign?

Christmas is a boom time of the year for charities. People and organisations all around the world are willing to donate to their causes of interest. … Continue Reading