Choosing the best projects within your foundation

When you get many proposals, choosing the best project can be a little tough because the chances are, one may be more successful than the other.

Would you believe it is we say that it is possible to not make this mistake (by funding the project that’s going to be less successful) and go fund the best project?

Let us give you some guidance on how you can do this!

Ask what you need to know

Take the benefit of this very first process so you have an all round and clear knowledge of what is being proposed to you. This way, you can figure out whether everything else around it will work and if it has the potential for it to be that successful project you’ve been waiting to fund.

Give a score for each answer

When asking the questions, make sure you give a point of how much each question is worth, out of 100%, this way, it can help you calculate the potential of the project being that one successful project. The more the score, the higher chance of it meeting your criteria.

Request for documents that support the application

Since this is only the beginning, request for as many supporting documents as possible so you can have an all round understanding of the proposal. This will help you understand whether or not the information given to you and everything according to the document does add up.

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