Computer games, a new means to develop philanthropy?

By April 29, 2014Grant management

An article from Ken Weber, Executive Director at, published in The Huffington Post gives a new interesting meaning of computer games as an interaction between consumers and the community of game developers.

Computer games sector is one of the fastest growing sector. Currently, this market is estimated at about $ 9 billion. It represents a great opportunity to connect and engage consumers, spread the idea of philanthropy and push people to act. According to Ken Weber, “more exciting is the possibility that consumers may discover a cause or an organization for the first time through a game, suggesting that the gaming business may have an increasing role to play in introducing consumers to philanthropy.”

Many charities have adopted the game as a means of gaining financial support and involving consumers. For instance, raised $1 million for charity by using games such as Zynga, Zynga Poker FarmVille2.

On 26 April, a meeting will be held with the leaders of the computer gaming industry, which will be a great opportunity to reach more than 300,000 consumers. Games should become more than games and may give players the possibility to discover real issues through them.

In all industries, companies are encouraging and developing CSR policies. However, the entertainment industry has a role to play as well to influence its audience and develop their own CSR.

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