CSR practices – are they always good?

Almost every business pays attention to CSR, whether it is to improve our planet or their own image. But generally, it all comes down to making a difference. However, this is far from easy. It is not just about saying the right thing, but also about implement CSR campaigns properly.

We often hear about successful CSR activities that have contributed to our community or to a certain target group, but there are plenty of CSR activities that have failed. Why did they fail? Poor planning? Did they lack attention to detail? Let’s find out and let’s find an easy way to avoid these mistakes!


  1. People don’t talk to each other

Often companies in the early stages of engaging in corporate social responsibility lack communication across departments and between individuals, so information gets lost easily. But even big, experienced organisations have communication problems. They operate in specific divisions, they have lots of projects to manage at once and often they have to solve multi-disciplinary issues: this is where communication can fail.

Implementing a CSR campaign can be complex, but there is always a way to make it simple. Optimy software is an easy way to manage your projects. Among other options, it allows you to create teams in the solution and automatically assigns incoming requests to a specific team based on your criteria. It makes communication and tasks management really easy.

  1. Inexperience and no CSR leadership or team

The other reason for CSR campaigns to fail is the lack of experience and leadership. When a company finds itself with huge budget to spend for the first time but it lacks qualified people in-house to identify appropriate programmes, it often ends with failure. However, it is not completely true that as long as your company has no established CSR culture, you can’t really do CSR right. For example, the budget tracking option of Optimy allows you create an overall budget document that you can follow at any time. Our software allows the user to perform multiple tasks in just a few clicks, so you don’t become overwhelmed by the amount of recurrent or administrative tasks and can focus on your key priorities.

  1. No integration of CSR into mainstream business

It is not easy to implement a CSR project and the systems needed to manage this complex mix of social and environmental performance are still lagging. The full integration of CSR into business strategy is critical for successful project development and execution.

It is always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes, so contact us to find out more about Optimy and avoid failures!







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