5 trends to watch about CSR in 2017

According to few of the many experts, CSR is only to get better throughout 2017. Here are what experts, selected from few articles said the trends for CSR are for 2017. Give this article a read to find out some facts that may amaze you and get you hyped for what the rest of 2017 will be like in the world of CSR.


As more corporations are stepping up to drive social impact inside and outside the company, the role of CSR will continue to grow as the bar has raised due to the change in the global socio-economic environment. Due to the changes, leaders have to broad their skills and influence across human resources to align social impact with their company’s business strategy, talent pipeline, and policy environment.  


Within so many companies, it used to just be to have a vague understanding and  images in a presentation of how companies took into consideration the environment, communities, and their social impact. In 2017, with a vague understanding, it will no longer be enough to gain the best reputation amongst the top public companies. Taking actions against climate change, contributing to social justice movements, and standing firm in founding principles are expected for big companies nowadays. To summarise this paragraph, in order for bigger companies to have better reputation, it will be taking more actions towards causes mentioned above. Rather than just taking actions towards it because it was for voluntary purposes – it is now required and has now turned into competition.


As the digital marketing world is growing, consumers attention span shrinks. Consumers are used to getting information straight away from sources online. The same concept applies to investors. As busy as an investor can be, they will not have time to go through pages of report on how much impact the company has made. Reports of the result will be presented digitally through visual aids such as data, animations, short videos illustrating impacts that has been made and most importantly, this form of report can be shared by anyone once published publicly as well as being able to embed it on the to company’s website.


According on an article from Marketing Insider Group, “the future of CSR will be embedding it into the company culture,” said Steve Wood, CEO of Avadim Technologies. This means that every company will have ALL of their employees engaged with their mission and provide pathways for them to allow the company to solve real world problem.


Greg Perlstein, Senior Director at TMI Strategy, the consulting arm of DoSomething.org was interviewed by Marketing Insider Group. In the interview, he mentioned that if this is what the consumer of the company wants then the company must involve their consumers directly within the CSR programs. Just acknowledging that the company is making actions or employees having involvement towards CSR isn’t enough as they want the company to prove a direct contribution to making impact beyond just donating money. This gives millennials opportunities to engage to the fullest as they care about every causes under the sun. People will truly make impact towards the cause that they really believe in, in 2017.

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Article: Forbes, Blender Media, and Marketing Insider Group

Image: Stile

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