How data can benefit your foundation

By November 29, 2017Grant management

There are so many benefits of data no matter the size of your organisation. If you are ever wondering how data can benefit your organisation: questioning how and what you can use it for, continue reading this article!



When your organisation is funding in a specific area, data that has been collected within that area can be used to identify the real issue. This way, you are aware of what the project must be focused on to ensure a result and see the differences in each project application if you were to be choosing which project to fund.


Budget pattern

Have you ever questioned where most of your budget it and where it is less spent? If you have collected data on it, you will be able to identify where exactly it has gone to. You can then look further into it by investigating why exactly it needs more budget than other areas and perhaps you can find a solution to spend less in the area that has been using the most budget and compromise the remaining on what else it can be spent on to ensure further success within the project.


Decision making

When you need to make a decision, often data can help justify why exactly you made the decision you’ve made rather than just randomly guessing your options without knowing the consequences. Often every decision will lead to the result of the project. Data is therefore something that you must always keep in mind when it comes to decision making as data can help you identify which decision is best to make to ensure the success of each project.


Internal issue

You will be able to identify internal issues and solve the problem if you see any unusual activities within the data. If you collect data and all of a sudden the pattern changes, you will be able to notice the differences and see why exactly it has change. You will be able to identify whether or not the change is something beneficial or something that requires attention.



As a leader of your organisation, you must have a strategy up your sleeve and your strategies should be able to help you identify what exactly you should be spending more time on more than some tasks. This will help you identify whether or not your organisation has been spending their time in the right area.



Being able to see the overview of how the whole organisation is progressing is beneficial because you will be able to see what you expect to see, if not, you are able to solve problems that may need solving.


There you have it, some reasons why and how you can use data. Start collecting accurate data today because the result of the data will make a huge difference to your organisation.

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