Empowered female is changing philanthropy

Women provide volunteer efforts through education, support and training, a strategy which encourages long term solutions.

A Korean American lifestyle content creator, Claire Marshall, took matters into her own hand by making an impact through sharing a cause close to her heart for her mother. Claire made education safe and accessible in Ghana on social media by allowing her followers to donate towards this amazing cause.

The caused impacted 918 students over the lifetime of the build of the project through an organisation called Pencils of Promise.

More than 50% of women participate in endorsing charities to their own social media followers, as opposed to 36% of men eg on Facebook, Twitter


Previously, the students in Ghana were taught in unfavourable learning conditions where the students were learning with thatched roofing and dirt floors. After the campaign on social media shared by Claire to raise money with her followers, the school is now built and the students are able to learn in a safe environment.

Philanthropy Advisor Sabrina Zuchello on the influence and power of Women in Philanthropy

June 21st 2018 at 13:00 | Click here to save your spot and get access to the recording!

Pencils of Promise

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