Foundations news digest – Week 22

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Technology for the people: what’s Microsoft Philanthropies been up to?

Microsoft Philanthropies was launched less than two years ago with a goal of building an organisation within the company to chart more ambitious philanthropy on a worldwide basis.

Since its creation, it has accomplished many achievements. One is that they committed $1 billion in Azure Cloud Services to nonprofits and university researchers around the world. Also, they provided over $30 million in technology support, supplies and funding to humanitarian outfits and $23 million in grants to 58 organisations around the world through their YouthSpark program, and donated over $142 million to 19,000 nonprofits and schools in 2016.

Microsoft is planning to continue support efforts to bridge technology gaps and digital divides. It is also increasing its humanitarian aid and planning to back projects that increase access to technology for people with disabilities.

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Michael Dell Announces $1 Billion Commitment To Support Social Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits

Michael Dell is the founder, chairman and CEO of Dell technologies. Nearly 20 years ago, he and his wife created the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation with the focus on issues children and families in poverty face in both Central Texas (where Dell lives) as well as in other parts of the United States, India and South Africa.

This week, Michael Dell announced he was committing an additional $1 billion to the endowment of the Foundation in order to accelerate its impact and make an even larger difference.

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Marion Anderson, noted UCLA philanthropist, dies at 86

Marion Anderson, a noted Los Angeles philanthropist who donated more than $100 million to the UCLA graduate management school, died this week at age 86. She was the widow of John Anderson, president and sole shareholder of Topa Equities Ltd.

In 2015, Anderson was among the 25 Americans who donated the most money that year according to Forbes. Supporting numerous foundations and charities, she also gave to organisations such as the YMCA and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Since 1989 she had been serving as a Children’s Hospital Trustee.

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Philanthropy and Need: Oil and Water in Sonoma Valley?

Today, charity is perceived by most as a means to a more equal and just end. However, new data released by the Sonoma Valley Fund illustrate a stark gap between the philanthropic pipeline and the needs of those relying on support. Organisations in the Sonoma Valley – a major wine-producing region north of San Francisco – generated more than $113 million in revenue in 2014, a 23% increase from 2011.

The largest part of these donations went to educationyouth development and healthcare organisations. On the contrary, little to no charity focused on two major issues for the Valley: the ageing population and the need for sustainable housing.

This imbalance uncovered by the study shows that today, good intentions are not always sufficient to give the necessary aid.

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Australia’s charity cheapskates have been revealed

Australians are among the most generous in the world, donating about $4 billion each year to a variety of causes. A new study by Decibel research, commissioned by Canon Australia, found the average Australian gives $200 to charity yearly. People in New South Wales rank as most philanthropic with over $265 per year, Western Australia is second with $262, and Victoria is third with $200 donated per year. South Australia was found to be the least generous state of the country with just $103 donated per person annually on average.

The study also found that women are more likely to give than men. However, men who donate tend to give more than women. With more than 54,000 registered charities, the Australian not-for-profit landscape is congested, meaning charities must differentiate themselves from one another to receive more funding.

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