Au cœur d’Optimy : Rencontrez l’équipe – Christophe Dreuw

First name: Christophe
Last name: Dreuw
Profession: Business Developer
Nationality: Belgian

Marketing Team: What is your role in Optimy? 

Christophe Dreuw:  I am a Business Developer, mainly responsible for the German market. 

MT: Why did you decide to join Optimy? 

CD: After my studies, I was looking for a job where I could put forward my language skills (I studied Conference Interpreting in Mainz / Germersheim, Germany). The plan was to go back to Brussels and join a start-up where I could learn a lot and be in direct contact with people. I was delighted to have found a job at Optimy where I can create my own opportunities, be part of a project and not just be a number in a huge organization.


« Our team is made up of more than 30 people from 14 different countries, which makes it dynamic and international. »

MT: In your opinion, how much do you think your contribution adds value to the team / society? 

CD:  I learn about the different solutions, try to find out how we can improve and suggest some ideas that can be beneficial to society. If any of these ideas are implemented, it is a great satisfaction to know that we have contributed to a real improvement and a change in Optimy. 

MT: How is the working atmosphere at Optimy? 

CD:  The atmosphere is really nice! Optimy is a small but growing company! We are literally sitting right next to the CEO, playing ping-pong, foosball or eating lunch together. It’s the right combination of working and having fun together. 


« Everyone gives the best of himself: even trainees know they can contribute to real change »

MT: What was the most interesting project you worked on? 

CD:  One of the most interesting projects I’m working on is the internal Question and Answer session. During this session, we collect the questions sent by our customers and we try, together with the team, to find the best solution. In this way, we ensure the best Customer Experience for our customers and we all contribute to the evolution of the tool. 

MT: What do you value most about your experience / work at Optimy? 

CD: Je travaille ici depuis 2 ans maintenant. Au début, nous devions avancer vite et c’était intéressant et excitant! Ce que j’apprécie le plus? Le partage d’informations. J’apprends de nouvelles choses. Au début, je ne connaissais pas grand chose sur le marketing ou le Service Client. Aujourd’hui, je suis souvent impliqué dans des projets marketing ou je travaille en collaboration avec l’équipe du Service Client. C’est formidable de faire partie de différents projets, de continuer à apprendre et de developper ses compétences dans différents domaines. 

« J’apprends de nouvelles choses. C’est extraordinaire de pouvoir developper ses compétences dans différents domaines. »

MT: You took the opportunity to participate in two events in May: The Swiss Foundations Symposium and the German Foundations Congress. How did it go? Would you like to share your impressions with us? 

Both events were completely different. It was impressive to see how well organized it was! It was not easy to get closer and get in touch with the people who participated because of the magnitude of these events, but I loved to participate because it was a great opportunity to share and participate in conversations and discussions. seminars.



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