Au cœur d’Optimy : rencontrez l’équipe.


First name: Amandine

N om: Mo utaud

Occupation: Online Marketing Manager

Nationality: French

Marketing Team: How did you start at Optimy?
Amandine Moutaud: My story with Optimy dates from my studies. I first joined Optimy because I was looking for a final internship to validate my Master in International Business. As I always liked languages, I wanted an internship abroad. At that time Optimy was recruiting marketing trainees so that was fine.

MT: Tell us about the beginnings
AM: Being part of a start-up was a real challenge because I did not know this world at all. I realized my previous internship in a multinational operating in the bioanalytical industry. Which was really different. But I remember thinking, « After all, why not? « . And it was the right choice. I loved. The beginnings were hard, but I learned so much! Working in a team on a human scale was great.

I also discovered an interest in an industry I knew little before: the software and technology industry. Honestly, the ease of use of the tool has also helped a lot. I could learn to use it without help and for a software it is really an asset. Today online tools are everywhere around us and our life in the modern world depends on them. We use them to be more efficient at work, to follow our sports activities and for so much more.

It’s nice (and effective!) To use them in just a few clicks.

MT: Do you have a funny anecdote about the work environment at Optimy?
At the beginning we were a small team and when I think about it, it’s amazing to participate in the development of a company. I have been able to experience many changes in recent years. For example, what we called at the time the sales and marketing department developed very quickly. I still remember when I worked in the same office as the CTO, the Customer Experience Manager and a Sales Manager.
I was advised to shut down my computer each time I left the room, to avoid seeing the language of my antivirus mysteriously change in Japanese! (Do not try, especially if the voice of your antivirus has not been disabled).

MT: Let’s talk business again: how do you see your role in marketing now?
AM: More seriously, from a marketing point of view, our communication has evolved a lot. Today we have customers all over the world through our online marketing. Thanks to better organization, we have increased the efficiency of the marketing department. We are more present on social networks, we have worked a lot and continue to work on our website, we participated in CeBIT for the first time this year, as well as other events! To put it simply, we boosted Optimy’s visibility in the world. What’s next for us? Continue to develop and spread the Optimy brand around the world.

MT: How would you describe the atmosphere in Optimy in a few words?
AM: Even though the company has grown, we have kept the spirit and atmosphere « start-up ». Casual, fun and fun (even if we stopped the jokes related to antivirus), but also full of challenges and goal-oriented. We are all focused on one goal: to make Optimy a success in every possible way.

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