Découvrez Mes Statistiques, la nouvelle fonctionnalité que nous venons de développer pour vous !

As our users know, Optimy is built around them. By being consumer oriented, we are constantly listening to their feedback and developing new features based on their needs.

We know that monitoring projects through effective reporting and evaluating their performance over time is one thing. But being able to compare their results with those of other players in the same environment makes it possible to reach a new level of demand.

That’s why we give them the opportunity to measure their results against other customers. The time when the measurement of these results was uncertain is now over thanks to the introduction of our latest feature: My Statistics.

Not just a pretty interface

Even better ! Have you ever wondered if other users are exploiting the potential of Optimy as well? Do they collect their data as well as you? We have developed an easy-to-use dashboard that gives you an overall view of your key figures at a glance. In addition, My Statistics gives access to the average and median results of our other clients, to tell you exactly where you are.


The new feature brings together numbers that can help you improve your performance. For example :

  • Number of project leaders: Of course, this number will evolve over time but it is always interesting to see the potential of your sponsorship and sponsorship activities.
  • Average response time: Are you below average? If so, congratulations, it’s impressive! If you take more time, you should work on this to make sure everyone gets an answer.

At Optimy, we are always looking for new ways to improve our Solution that will benefit your business. This is the starting point in the development of a new feature and we assure you that many surprises will arrive soon. Want to know more about Optimy and all its features?

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