Les experts prennent la parole pour Optimy : l’implémentation et l’activation du sponsoring

By novembre 23, 2016Sponsoring

Today, we meet Rosolino Amenta, Head of International Business Development and Sponsorship, who will share her thoughts on the implementation and activation of sponsorship.

Let Rosolino say:

Did you know that every day our brain is exposed to over 7500 branded messages and 3000 brand images? As a result, it is increasingly difficult to reach consumers, and even more to interest them.

The right choice of sponsorship tools (in sport, culture, social, etc.) will be all the more effective if they speak, on behalf of the brands, to the target audience. It is essential that « activation » operations be conducted in order to make sponsorship a profitable element of communication campaigns, but also a versatile platform that covers all facets of marketing (advertising, brand awareness, public relations, promotions , product presentation, sales support, CSR, etc.).

A good activation allows brands to become more attractive to customers, to share their passion, even to generate emotions. To put it simply: you have to interest people with something they love and they will give it back to you.

What should be considered in implementing and activating sponsorship?      

A basic rule in the sponsoring industry is that for every euro spent on rights acquisition, one euro must be spent on activating sponsorship. While the total amount is questionable, it is safe to assume that the most effective sponsorship is the one with the best activation strategies. There are many ways for a brand to support a sponsorship: internal activation (for example involving your employees), marketing and advertising, sales operations, hospitality, location, causes related to your business. sponsor, testimonials, social networks, etc.

The sponsor must exploit to the full the rights he has acquired from the event or the person he sponsors. The goal is to create a brand experience, engage the target audience and build an activation plan that will highlight its presence while becoming more interesting and better known to consumers and fans. To summarize, a successful activation aims to move from « show the brand » to « optimize what the brand does » in order to bring people closer to the sale.

How can the activation of sponsorship evolve considering the cultural aspects?

It is essential to set and understand the goals on sponsorship to develop an optimal activation plan. These elements are strongly influenced by the level of competitiveness of the product sector, the size of the market, the possibility of conditioning the decision-makers, etc. There are a few factors that Sponsoring Managers should consider when encountering new challenges, especially in a different country.

For example, in the Middle East and more specifically in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), sponsorship contracts are greatly affected by the current socio-demographic and political situation. In countries where 5 to 10% of the population owns most of the territory’s wealth, sponsorship operations tend to influence the country’s main decision-makers. In addition, poor market competitiveness and slow growth of new players do not encourage creativity when developing new activation plans. As a result, these plans focus mainly on CSR programs, VIP hosting or more generic unique experiences to be offered exclusively to certain groups (eg the most important customers, stakeholders, etc.).

Can you give us an example of a company facing a foreign market?

Yes, Maersk Oil was one of the 24 sponsor brands of the 2015 World Handball Championship in Qatar, one of Qatar’s biggest sporting events of the last decade.

Maersk Oil is a Danish oil company, active in Qatar for years. Because of its market and its particular target, the company has rarely developed mass sports sponsorship, even in Denmark, its native country. However, the main objective of this operation was to support Qatar in developing a dynamic sports culture and to give back to society.

Maersk Oil a réussi son activation en la reliant à de grandes causes. La marque danoise est à l’origine de l’initiative “Action on Diabetes” (Action pour le diabète) qui soutient les autorités qatari dans la réduction des effets négatifs du diabète. Un camion à l’effigie de Maersk Oil a rendu visite à des écoles et des gymnases, accompagné de la mascotte du Championnat Qatar 2015, Fahed, avant et pendant ce dernier. Cela a permis aux étudiants et aux fans de se soumettre gratuitement à un examen de contrôle auprès de spécialistes et d’être sensibilisés à un mode de vie sain. Une autre campagne d’activation a été effectuée , offrant une expérience VIP exclusive aux actionnaires et aux clients clés, et ce, même depuis l’étranger, afin d’encourager les équipes nationales.

Comment Optimy peut-il aider les entreprises à gérer l’activation de leurs activités de sponsoring ?

L’exécution d’un plan d’activation peut nécessiter l’action de différentes parties, des départements internes (marketing, RP, etc) et des acteurs externes comme une agence de sponsoring, un studio graphique, etc. Dans beaucoup de cas, la gestion et l’organisation de ces processus peuvent s’avérer difficiles et prendre du temps. En tant que logiciel de gestion, Optimy offre une solution qui simplifie la vie des responsables sponsoring et de leurs collègues. En plus de leur faire gagner beaucoup de temps grâce à l’automatisation des processus, Optimy aide les marques à se concentrer sur les problématiques les plus importantes en leur permettant de développer une stratégie plutôt que de rester bloqués sur des tâches chronophages.

Ce qu’il faut retenir :

#1 Une activation réussie fait passer d’une simple représentation de la marque à l’optimisation de tout ce qu’elle fait.

#2 Le sponsoring dépend d’éléments culturels tels que la compétitivité du marché, sa taille et l’attitude des décideurs. Prenez-les en compte lorsque vous vous attaquez à un nouveau pays!

#3 Des performances efficaces et transversales vous feront gagner du temps, de l’argent et des ressources dédiées à l’activation.

#4 Optimy peut vous faire gagner du temps, simplifier vos tâches, vous aider à gérer vos projets et évaluer leurs performances plus rapidement. Dites oui au digital!

Qui est Rosolino Amenta ? 

Rosolino Amenta  earned an International Master in Sports Organization Strategy in 2007 and began his career at StageUp, where he worked on emerging trends in sponsorship and audience analysis of sporting events. At Optimy, he has successfully developed the business on the Italian market, managing key facilities among the best sponsors. Based in Qatar since 2014, he is Head of Sponsorship at Infront Sports & Media for the Qatar Men’s World Handball Championship in 2015 and the Doha World Cycling Championship in 2016 for which he manages key accounts such as Qatar Airways, Pepso, Ooredoo, Qatar Football Association. Today, he advises brands and sports clubs on their sponsorship strategy and sales.  


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