La Saint Patrick : Comment combiner charité et amusement !

Are you impatient to be able to dress in green and pinch those who are not? Have you ever planned to find a four-leaf clover? Or do you prefer to celebrate on March 17 with a nice green beer?  

Apart from all these clichés, Saint Patrick’s Day is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to raise funds. Why ? Because the theme is already established! Since this day is only a celebration, you must not even convince people to go out and come to your event!

Discover below some very good examples of fundraising organized with a little help from Lucky Leprechaun:

  • A charity race

No need to go to Ireland to be able to immerse yourself in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5K in Vancouver is a good example.

For the past 10 years, the St. Patrick’s 5 kilometer race has supported the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) with net revenue. In 2015, as part of the celebration of their 10 th anniversary, they have expanded their Charity Giving to allow participants to raise funds for other charities within their community.

Hundreds of people running in green and having fun, while helping others – entertaining and efficient!

  • A charity parade

Parades are considered one of the greatest traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. They are organized around the world, but some are special: they do not just celebrate holidays, but try to make the world a better place.

For example, in its 28 years of existence, the St. Patrick Parade Committee has raised more than $ 850,000 for a wide variety of institutions in the region. Bearing a charity is easy and fun; you just have to participate in one of the many activities organized during the parade!

  • A charity ball

And yes, dancing under green lights is twice as much fun. Combine it with a charity and the joy will be endless at the St. Patrick’s Ball in Glasgow. Last year, in one evening, they managed to raise £ 54,000! They supported their three main charities: The Polar Academy, The Eileen McCallum Trust and The Glasgow Holiday Scheme.

And the best part is not even here yet: you do not have to find a four-leaf clover to be sure your activities are a success!

Let your own Leprechaun help you find the right way to organize and manage your event!

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