Hard to realize that last week we were in full CeBIT, the most important gathering of the digital economy. This was probably the best opportunity to exchange knowledge and know-how in terms of digital transformation , but also to access the latest technologies and applications .

As CeBIT is the most prestigious technology event in Europe, we could not miss the opportunity to participate to expose our product. Our primary objective was to meet partners to create strategic alliances and technological synergies, but also to interact with the best players in the field of Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) and ERP (or ERP, integrated management software packages). ). So that’s what we did!

Several thousand people took part in CeBIT 2016: technology enthusiasts, business leaders, politicians, economists. This confirms that CeBIT is a platform for digitalization and technology industry that impacts on many aspects of our daily lives.

We would have appreciated the opportunity to participate in the 2000 events that took place during CeBIT. They were all very inspiring. For example, Shigeyoshi Shimotsuji of the Toshiba company made a speech about the importance of connecting goods and people and creating new values ​​for people around the world . Or the conference « From the tool to the Solution – The art of finding the project management software that suits you  » held by Thomas Brunschede of Le Bihan Consulting.

We will do more next year, it’s a certainty.




 « We are delighted to have seized the opportunity to participate in this event. Our goal is to achieve excellence, to offer an advanced software that covers all aspects of the management of sponsorship and sponsorship activities  « says Christophe Deliens, COO at Optimy. « That’s why we’re looking forward to getting back to work and very motivated to move forward, with the new partnerships and integrations we’ve established with the world-renowned companies we’ve met. « 

That’s why, get ready to discover the next improvements of our tool! Check our blog, get closer to our team and stay in touch with us in any way possible!

Finally, we are very happy to have finally met some of you! For those who could not join us, do not wait for next year’s CeBIT!

Fill in this form and we will get back to you with all the information you need about our sponsorship and sponsorship management software .



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