Last Sunday, Optimy was invited to speak at Fosdem, one of the biggest events for software developers in Europe, which took place in Brussels on the campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Each year, thousands of free software developers from around the world gather at this event to connect with other developers and learn about the latest advances in the industry.

Discussing and sharing our knowledge with developers from different backgrounds during the weekend has been very informative for members of our development team. We came back with many ideas related to many IT topics such as development, work methodologies or the administration of systems and databases.

Maintainability and flexibility are the priorities in the design of our solution. With this expertise, we were invited to lead a presentation compiling various good practices that we are implementing within Optimy.

We also highlighted our migration process towards an even more modern and ambitious ecosystem.

Following this presentation, the feedback from the community was very positive, confirming the relevance of our technological choices.

Although this weekend at Fosdem was intense, the experience was very rewarding. We especially thank the volunteers, whose passion makes possible the holding of this essential event of the IT ecosystem. See you at FOSDEM 2018!

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