Pratiques RSE – Sont-elles toujours bonnes?

Almost all companies pay attention to CSR, whether for a better world or for their own image. In general, everything comes down to making the difference. However, it is not so easy and not enough to have the right message. It is also necessary to implement CSR campaigns appropriately.

Often we hear of successful CSR operations that benefited the community or a certain group of people, but there are many CSR activities that have failed in this exercise. Why did they fail? Bad planning? Did they lack rigor and attention to detail? Let’s look at this in more detail to find ways to avoid these mistakes.

  1. People do not communicate with each other

Often companies that have recently become involved in CSR lack communication between their different departments as well as between individuals, leading to the loss of information. However, big events or organizations that already have experience also face communication problems. Their operation is organized in different departments who each manage many projects simultaneously and multidisciplinary problems to solve: it is here that the communication may fail.

Running a CSR campaign can be complex, but there is always a way to make it simple. Optimy software is a simple way to manage your projects. Among the different options, it allows you to create teams within the solution, and assign incoming requests automatically to different teams according to predefined selection criteria . This makes communication and task management really simple and easy.

  1. Lack of experience and no leadership or CSR team

Another reason for failure of CSR campaigns and lack of experience and leadership . Where an undertaking is in possession of large budgets to spend for the first time, but the staff does not have the qualifications or experience to identify the ideal program to follow, it often ends in failure. However, it is not always true that a company that does not yet have an internal CSR culture can not successfully apply its CSR. For example, the Optimy option « budget tracking » allows you to create a document of your overall budget that you can track in real time. Our software allows the user to perform multiple tasks in a few clicks, so you are not bothered by the amount of tasks recurring and that you can focus on your key priorities.

  1. No integration of CSR into the general business of the company

It is not easy to integrate a CSR project and the systems needed to manage this complex mix of social and environmental performance are poorly developed. The full integration of CSR into corporate strategy is crucial to the development and execution of successful projects.

It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others, so contact us to learn more about Optimy and avoid chess.


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