Vivre le rêve: travailler dans une entreprise de logiciel cloud en Belgique

When my high-level rowing career came to an end, the dream of living and working abroad has finally become possible. In order to fulfill this dream, I traveled alone to London. My wife then started studying in Leuven, which led me to look for a job in the Belgian sponsorship and sponsorship management software company, Optimy .

My first observations were as follows:

# 1 It’s a fast-growing company

# 2 Cloud software companies do not need a lot of infrastructure.

A corridor, a few rooms filled with Ikea desks, and people working on their computers are all the physical evidence of one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Optimy could move in less than an hour and that’s exactly what we did in my second week, moving our chairs and desks to our new, just-painted, new workspace.

Three words are at the heart of Optimy’s success: energy, concentration and responsibility.

Energy is key, according to CEO and founder Kenneth Bérard. In order to evolve quickly, you have to work hard. Everyone at Optimy has a relentless energy, Kenneth leading the charge. First come and last party, it is an incredible strength that drives the success of the company. Its energy is contagious, and I and others use it to overcome everyday challenges.

Concentration is the gathering of that energy and directing it to accomplish great things. While Optimy is changing, the company is effectively directing its energy to support its exponential growth. The business development team, for example, puts in place strategies to bring stability. Optimy’s management builds concentrated and scalable processes to channel the company’s energy to success.  

Responsibilities and people who want to take them, are what startups matter. There is a lot to do and everyone has the opportunity to take over some of the work, there is no room for negligence. Optimy has managed to recruit people ready to take on responsibilities. Developing a culture where colleagues seek what needs to be done rather than saying « this is not my problem » is a big part of Optimy’s success.

These three traits contribute to Optimy’s success and its journey to becoming the world leader in the near future and I look forward to being part of this success.   

Do you dream of joining our energetic and international team? This is the moment because we are hiring!


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