Fundraising: How social media can help your campaign

How to get people to know about you before you launch your campaign? Leave the job to Social Media to help people see your presence, relate to your campaign, and be waiting to donate towards the cause that you will be launching.


Tell your story through Social Media

Social Media is a perfect platform for you to share your story. This is where you can get the audience following on your cause and help them become more aware of what you are doing. This is where you can grow a community and encourage them to share your cause. Your audience will be more likely to share your cause when it is relatable to them hence why storytelling is very important. Sometimes they may not afford to donate but they will share the story which could lead to many other people who may donate and share – the cycle goes on.


Consistency through the contents on social media

When you have Social Media platform as a foundation for where you can get a good presence and grow your audience, the next step is to ensure content consistency. This is because you constantly have to keep reminding your followers about your cause and feed them with more details which can lead to donating. This in another word can be a passive call to action before launch. Imagine if with each content you publish you tell a good story, by the time you launch your cause, they would already be waiting to donate towards your cause.


Run many successful projects or campaign

Social Media is an ongoing task when it comes to storytelling and sharing your cause. But the more you show up and tell a good story, the higher chance of your organisation growing with its presence which can lead to running many more successful projects or campaigns in the future.

Are you interested in learning more about this topic?

We will be running a webinar with Howard Lake from Fundraising UK on Digital Fundraising!

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