How can your workflow make a difference for sponsorship managers

Having a workflow can help you save so much time. Although at the beginning, you will have to invest your time in it first. This is something that’s a once and for all.

According to a research from one website, they stated that Toyota have their own system (workflow) and this is how it has helped them:

  • Productivity increases between 300% to 400%
  • Labour productivity increased an average of 25% a year
  • Defect rates reduced from over 2000 to less than 50 parts per million, and in many to less than 10 parts per million
  • Cost of quality cut by over 60%
  • Work-in-process inventory cut by more than 80%

To better understand on this topic, here are some more reasons to give you an idea of how having a workflow can make a difference to sponsorship


Make every minute matter

With a workflow in place, you will not waste a minute on things that do not matter because workflows are often planed strategically; one task triggering the next so any unnecessary task will never be a part of the workflow. Everything in the workflow will matter. Another advantage to add to this is whilst you’re planning for your workflow, you will also know of other alternative ways to do a certain task/process. If something doesn’t go as planned, you have your backup plan handy thanks to the workflow planning process.


Tasks assigned appropriately

Having a workflow in place will make other things easier. Each individual will have their own specialised area and tasks will be done in a more professional way and you’re definitely going to achieve better results by assigning the right tasks to the right individual.


Enforces policy and structure

With a workflow in place, it will set a true structure for your organisation as it will allow you to have a clear vision of everything within your organisation. This will enforce the policy and structure as most workflows must be run by management to ensure that it will lead the organisation to the right path, to meet the objective and target.

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