How to approach a large event to become a sponsor

Normally it would be events after events sending in their application for you to become their sponsor. When it comes to larger events, a lot more things are taken into consideration when they are always targeting large brands but in order for you to not miss this opportunity, you have to be the party approaching the event to show that you’ve got a better offer on the table.

Easily said, show them what you’ve got!

The thing is, you won’t know that the event you want to sponsor will be approaching your brand so you must make the first move.

Here are a few suggestions on what you should outline when approaching the event you would like to sponsor.

Why you would like to sponsor this specific event

Letting the event know why you want to sponsor them is important. At the end of the day, sponsorship as a marketing strategy is a two way street where both have to work together to make things happen. Being clear about your ‘why’ can give them many reasons to why they should chose you to become their sponsor. Competition is high when it comes to larger events as a lot of brands will be queing to be a sponsor for that exposure to the target market.

How both will be benefiting from this opportunity

This is something that you will need to be transparent about. Balance out why you are willing to invest a certain amount and how will both parties will benefit from this.

Often have the balance for both parties benefitting. If it seems like you’re not really benefiting then it can seem like a lot of things are not being transparent as far as how the budgeting works for every organisations ever. The question would then be why would a brand want to invest in the event if it’s really not benefiting when they are using their budget to invest in this.


The budget part is where a real deal stand. This is where the event will be seeing how much you will be willing to pay in return for what you get. As the event really need the budget in order to keep the event running and you really need exposure or any other added benefit that comes with sponsorship itself. This must carefully be thought about within your team.

Workflow throughout the whole process

Ensure that it is clear in the document about how you will work together to make things happen. Make it visually clear that it will work.

There you have it, just some guidelines on how to approach events to become a sponsor. Not everyday that you will have events that you really want approaching you so making the first move is the way forward!

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