How to take advantage of your workflow for grant makers

As a grant maker, your time must be well spent so you can spend more time finding out which projects are worth funding. This won’t take too long once you have everything in place. To have a workflow is just a one time and a once and for all investment. Once the workflow is in place, you will be able to fund the projects that will help meet your organisation’s objective and help your organisation grow. This will also mean that the budget will be well spent.

Plan precisely

Planning everything out precisely will help you see a clear vision of the overall process of how everything runs within your organisation. This means that you will be able to understand how each task will trigger the next task. This then leads us on to the next point.

Cut out unnecessary process

Once you’re able to see which task trigger the next, you will also be able to see which step is unnecessary to take and so you can take it out of the process to save some time. You can spend the remaining time on anything that require more time or take the time out to make the workflow even better. Although workflow is a one time thing, you can always improve it whenever you want as there are always rooms for improvement when it comes to workflow.

Contingency plan

Having a contingency plan can come handy and can be put together when you’re planning a workflow for your organisation. This is just in case if one process in the workflow did not go as planned, you can at least have a backup plan handy.

There you have it, some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of your workflow for grantmakers. Having a workflow, you will also save a lot of time, have more budget towards each project, and you will surely be funding the best projects out there.

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