How your foundation can participate towards the environment

Just because you are a grantmaker does not mean you can’t do anything to be involved with the environment. There are so many ways that you can be involved! Continue reading this article to find out a few things that you as a grantmaker can do to be involved.

Your mission

Just because your role is in the office does not mean that you cannot be involved. In fact, you have the power to ensure that everything that your organisation does will help the environment such as the mission of your organisation and the projects that you fund. This does play a huge role to being involved because at the end, the result matters more!

Your actions

Of course just thinking about it isn’t enough because in order to see the results in the changes, you will need to take action. You can also ensure that your mission is to participate towards the environment, then ensure that the workflow for the project is spot on in order for everyone working on the project to know what action to take.

Your result

When you put so much effort into a project, the result matters most because you want to know that you’ve definitely participated a lot throughout the project. The result can help you see how much have been done to help the environment based on your missions and the projects that you’ve funded because your main focus in first place was to fund projects that participates to the environment.

There you have it, although you may not be involved directly, you are taking the most important part of the action which is making sure that it definitely happens.

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