Infographics: 5 steps to guarantee you’ll fund the best project

Just because you follow these steps once, it doesn’t mean you’ll have the best project to fund at hand. In order to fund the best project in the near future, it does take time to collect and understand everything within your organisation and understand the basics of these steps. This article is going to help you take the right actions today so you can fund better projects tomorrow!

Collect data

If you have never realised the importance of data, now is your time to dig up other blog posts on our blog to help you understand the importance of it. Data has literally all the answers you’ll ever need and it can help you understand how your organisation is doing. It can also help you identify what you can do to best achieve the result based on the previous results you’ve collect. If this is your first time collecting data then don’t worry, starting today is better than starting tomorrow!

Analyse the data

As mentioned above, whether you have been collecting data or not, start collecting now so you can use this for the future projects. In your results, you can identify everything. When you know something works and something doesn’t work, you can adjust the workflow accordingly based on the result that the data show you. But how are you supposed to know something is not working? Well.. data is your answer once again.

Score every question in your applications

If you don’t ask you don’t know. This applies for everything because the worst thing you can do is guess the answer and finding out later that what you’ve guessed is not an accurate fact. Take advantage of this stage by asking as many questions as possible and score each answer based on importance of how likely it is to help you meet your criteria.

There you have it, some basic steps to follow so you can start funding the best projects in the future! To achieve even better results, invest in a software that will help you collect accurate data and fully run your organisation on the platform, this way, you spend the most of your time focusing on things that require rather than sorting out paperwork.

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