Infographics: Strategies to increase your productivity as a sponsor

Know the long term goals

When your brand is looking to expand, a good starting point is to know your long term goals in order for you to plan the right directions with the projects that you are sponsoring. It will help make any decision making easier because it will help you identify whether or not that decision that you are going to make is going to help you achieve your organisation’s long term goals.


Have a clear vision overall

Having a clear vision overall will help you understand where you are currently standing. This can help you identify areas that require attention. If any issues were to occur, you will also be able to solve it on time.


Pay more attention on output than hours

There is work smart and work hard. We are talking about working smart. Do less get more. How exactly can you do that? Having several admin tasks on automated will help save a lot of time and so does having a workflow.


Develop a workflow

Having a workflow will help you avoid the process of having to think about what to do next because everything happens one thing after another. You can then spend the rest of the time to perform other tasks that add value.


Minimise distractions

Switching tabs can cause a bit of a distraction because you can bypass other sites, then go on to the site that you actually need next a while later. Being able to perform all tasks for the project on one platform will avoid the situation happening.



Prioritise on tasks that matter more. This will help you gain better results. Spending time in the right areas will therefore increase your productivity because every task you perform will add value based on the priority that you’ve set. Based on what you prioritise, you can clearly see this from the result of the projects that you fund.


Realistic tasks that add value

Prioritising isn’t enough but you have to be realistic in order to actually achieve your organisation’s over goals. When thinking about which task to perform, think of the consequences of the result of your project. Sometimes there are several ways to achieve a certain things but one way would gain better result than the other although require a little more effort, this is where being realistic comes in.


Automatomatic process

An automatic process will help save you time and spend more time on other tasks. Once you have set an instruction once and for all, you’ll never have to worry about having to manually perform the task yourself again. This is of course, with the help of a software.


Improve communication standards

Communication is the most important part of teamwork if you’re working on projects with a team. This can either help increase productivity or decrease productivity by different individuals performing the same tasks several times due to poor communication. To avoid this, ensure that everyone is working on the same platform and knows what has been done and what require time to get done.



A reflection is to identify what can be done better in the future to gain better result and grow your brand even more with the same amount of time and budget. Usually data would be the best option in terms of finding out any information.

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