Infographics: The go to checklist for grantmakers to fund a successful project

When talking about a checklist to grant a successful project, it won’t be just a checklist. You will have a checklist, but, above that, you will also have the details so you can understand why this point in the checklist matters. If you don’t understand it, you won’t know the purpose of why you are doing it and you may just do it for the sake of getting it done. If you understand it though, you will do it with purpose.

1. Have a workflow in place

Workflow is one most important thing to ensure that your project will run smoothly throughout the whole process. When putting a workflow together, you should have a reason as to why this must be done first and others after. If anything were to not go as planned, you can have an idea of what you can do as a backup plan.

2. Clear vision = clear mission

Having a clear vision will help you understand why you are performing a certain task to help you complete your mission. Without a vision you won’t know your mission but yet one wouldn’t exist without another.

3. Collecting applications

This may be one point but trust us, it will consist of a lot of things. Here are what it should consist of in order for you to grant a successful project:

  1. Ask the questions you want to know the answers to
  2. Rank the questions by how important the answer is
  3. Make the forms available to everyone i.e. online
  4. Make sure that you ask for all the forms you need

4. Action plans = tasks done

Have many action plans ready, this is part of your workflow. Without any clear plans, a lot less can be done but if there were targets to meet and with the expectations of the final goal, action plans come handy.

5. Collect data = understand result

If you have been collecting data, you will be able to understand why the result was what it was. Perhaps in the future you can analyse a result and see what you can do to gain better result in the future – this way, you will know what it takes to fund a successful project!

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