Manage your workflow to achieve better results for grant makers

Having a workflow can help speed the whole process of grantmaking and a guaranteed higher success rate because you do not have to spend more than half the time figuring out what to do next. Rather than focusing on what process next, you can focus on looking through which project is worth investing your budget on, getting more from your budget, and funding more projects.

Here are some points to help you understand how a workflow can help you achieve better results in your grantmaking and what can help you manage your workflow.


Know your goals for each project

When you know the goal your your project, that is like being one step closer to knowing what you need to do to achieve your goals. Once you know your goals, you can plan the directions to achieving your goals precisely. Whilst planning the directions towards achieving your goals, you may have figured out that there are several methods for each process, which then leads to the next point.


Know a solution to any problems that may occur

With your research on planning the directions to have a good workflow within all your projects, you may also note down other variety of methods for each process just in case if one method goes wrong then you at least have a  plan B – even if it’s not going as planned, the research that you have done will still guarantee success because no matter what method, it is still leading you towards the same goal. And instead of spending more time on finding out on what to do next, you already have a plan B up your sleeve.


How a software can assist you

When you run many projects, you have no time to waste on small admin tasks or anything that can delay other projects or mess up the workflow – this may ruin not only one but many other projects that you are running. Having a software that can assist you will help you have smoother workflow as all you have to do is set instructions for each project with a workflow and the software will do the rest. You just have to focus on giving directions and wait for the result!

Are you ready to manage your workflow?

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