Optimy CEO joins the TechShare community

Optimy goes to EuroNext TechShare event

Euronext has launched the newest year of their 10 month programme, Techshare. The course was kicked off with an event held in Paris, which was attended by our CEO, Kenneth Bérard. We’re super excited for Kenneth to be a part of this great event and here’s why…

What is EuroNext?

EuroNext was created in 2000 with the collaboration of multiple European stock exchanges. The first being Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris and then later merging with London and Lisbon. EuroNext provides listing market data, market solutions, custody and settlement services.

Every year EuroNext offers a 10-month training course to fast-growing technology-based companies, to help them on their journey. TechShare was launched in 2015 and brings entrepreneurs from all over Europe together.

Participants are selected for the programme for their “innovative flair and impressive performance”. As a SaaS company, we’re so proud that Kenneth has been chosen to go to such an event and learn from experts in the field.

TechShare is the only programme dedicated to IPOs. It is a hub for tech entrepreneurs and an educational network that is designed to push these high-potential companies forward to reach their goals and understand the role of capital markets.

This year the number of companies has increased massively since 2015, with 135 companies compared to only 30. This is partly due to the fact this is the first year that they are accepting participants from outside of their usual zones, now including Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. The companies taking part are on a huge scope, spanning a range of sectors in the technology world, including, software (like us), medtech, biotech, cleantech, fintech, e-commerce, hardware, and electronics.

Techshare 2018-19

TechShare kicked off with an event in each major city around Europe, with Kenneth attending the one held in Paris on the 21st of September. Euronext will then continue to support participating companies through academic and practical expertise, including coaching. Two core sessions will be held: one in September in Paris at Europe’s leading business school HEC, and the second one in March 2019 aimed at supporting the long-term vision of the business.

As well as this, tailor-made coaching sessions will be held in each country throughout the year. They will be led by around 80 expert partners recruited by Euronext from a wide range of areas to generate unique networking opportunities, including banking, law and audit, financial communications, technology, and research.

Europe is brimming with highly innovative tech companies that have reached a critical stage in their growth. After several rounds of financing, they are now looking for better access to capital. To pursue their objectives, they also need focused support and the infrastructure that an efficient pan-European market can provide. This is precisely what we are offering at Euronext through TechShare and our trading platform. Together with our partners, we are proud to bring together such a diverse and stellar range of participants – companies that I am confident will help power the European economy of tomorrow.

Stéphane Boujnah, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext

Optimy and TechShare

Here at Optimy, our aim is to help people make and difference by supporting foundations effectively make grants and corporations to accelerate their CSI. To do this to the best of our ability, we need to grow bigger as a company.

The opportunity that TechShare gives us, is the chance to expand our budget to grow our company enabled us to help as many foundations and corporations as possible. This is our plan for the future, to create a company that cares about the planet and our people and to do the best by them.

This is a great experience to be a part of. Being able to meet other entrepreneurs from all over Europe and to tell each other our stories and share our knowledge is truly something to be excited about. I cannot wait for the lessons that I’ll learn and to meet the leading experts. This is a great opportunity for me as well as Optimy

Kenneth Bérard, Optimy CEO

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