Optimy for ISDE: sharing the best practices of sponsorships and ROI calculation

We at Optimy value the power of education and shared knowledge. We can therefore proudly announce our contribution in holding a speech on November 14  at ISDE (Superior Institute of Law and Economics) with the class of Masters in Sports Management and Legal Skills in collaboration with FC Barcelona. ISDE is an academic organization that has partners like Columbia University and the University of Cambridge, and centers in Barcelona, Madrid and New York.

The “Sports Marketing” course within the Masters recognized Optimy as a cutting-edge solution for sponsorship management and offered to showcase the best practices in sponsorship management.

We were requested to share our know-hows on how to efficiently manage sponsorship activities and to demonstrate to audience the importance of calculating return on investment (ROI). Having a group of approximately 15 participants, from various countries, between 28 to 35 years old, we advised them on how a software can automate the calculation of ROI and presented the main reasons why so many organizations today have decided to take sponsorship at the very core of their strategy.

We, at Optimy, take our participation in events, seminars and conferences as a speaker of expertise highly remarkable since we are eager to be known for our excellence as sponsorship and grant professionals. If you’d like to learn more about our appearance, see our other blog articles like Optimy at the Swiss Foundation Symposium and German Foundation Congress or contact us.

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