Optimy at Spobis 2017!

The new year is already proving to be an exciting one for us at Optimy. We partnered with Sponsors, the leading German information service provider in the sports business. This week, we attended Spobis, Europe’s largest sports business conference organised by Sponsors. With over 2,000 participants and 120 speakers from more than 20 different countries, this event gave us many great insights into the world of sports business.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to attend this great event and because of this, we wanted to share our experience with you.

IMG_20170131_091307 Chris and nicco.jpg

Spobis was centred around the sports industry and everything relating to it. As such, it allowed us to explore the different aspects of the sports world, from Olympic sports to eSport and digitalisation. This gave us the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the global developments in the sports business industry.

We are pleased to have met some of you during the event and to have taken part in discussions about sports, the industry, and the development of sports sponsorship.           


As, at Optimy, we aim for excellence and to offer you a solution that can help simplify your sponsorship management process, we are always eager to take part in events to get to know you and better understand your needs!

Be sure to follow us, new events are on the horizon!

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