The Oscars are coming: let’s get sponsoring!

Every year in February, the world turns its attention to the most important evening in Hollywood: the Oscars. Not only are they hugely important to the world of showbiz, they are an extraordinary opportunity for brands to shine on the red carpet as well.

Undoubtedly, it is the world of celebrities that generates the most buzz, which explains why celebrity endorsement is so popular. But why have only one brand spokesperson, when you could have all Hollywood’s biggest stars showcasing your brand in front of the cameras? Let’s face it, who wouldn’t sponsor the Oscars Awards?!

JCPenney, an American chain of mid-range department stores, has been supporting the Oscars for the past 14 years. But now it is time for newcomers: Kohl’s, another department store chain, will replace JCPenney as the retail sponsor of this year’s Oscars broadcast.

Let’s briefly see how:

  • First of all, Kohl’s wants to use the Oscars to communicate with its core customers. They will use the broadcast to debut their spring collection. Beside this, the retailer hopes to attract new shoppers, including young millennials (18 to 24 year old). Of course Kohl’s has not forgotten social media: by using the hashtag #TheGoodStuff, they plan to have a “massive social presence” in January. They hope that the fame after Oscars will help them through the spring as they relaunch their largest private label brand, Sonoma.
  • Another action in social media is the launch of a Facebook based game, called “The Official Oscars Challenge”. The aim is to promote the event, while also giving shoppers a chance to win Kohl’s gift cards, DVDs and Oscar memorabilia. If that wasn’t enough then the grand prize is definitely worth the effort: the winner will have the opportunity to attend the red-carpet Oscars Awards in 2017!

Let’s recap: being a sponsor of events as important as the Oscars is a chance for any brand to stimulate core customers, approach new shoppers and boost brand visibility. It is vital to prepare meaningful content to keep people engaged because the audience numbers during the Oscars’ commercials are amazingly high.

Besides sport events and music festivals, film award ceremonies are the right place for brands to show up.

It seems not only celebrities like the spotlight!

The next special guest on the red carpet could be your brand! Find out how we can help your company to select and manage all aspects of your next sponsorship activity!



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