Rio 2016: 3 Brands that know how to engage with a community of passionate fans

There are only 43 days left until the Olympic flame arrives in Rio and signals the start of the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil. The excitement is growing – and not only for the millions of dedicated fans and the more than 10,000 participating athletes. Some of the world’s most popular brands can’t wait to blow the competition away.

In terms of sponsorship and marketing, the Olympics have proven to be the perfect platform for brands to reach a worldwide audience.

The official partners of the Rio 2016 Games certainly know how to keep the ball rolling. Today, simply producing one brilliant commercial is no longer enough when sponsoring enormous sporting events like the Olympics. Investing into multifaceted campaigns, including ads, social media, and consumer engagement and all that on a local, national and global basis – that’s the key to success.

These three corporate medalists earned a place on the podium with their unique campaigns. Let’s look at some different approaches on how to engage with your audience:

Coca Cola – The All-rounder

Next to accompanying the complete Olympic torch relay and therefore covering the local Brazilian market, Coca Cola, the master of all sports sponsors, developed precisely targeted campaigns for all its key markets. Targeting your specific customer segment with your sponsorship and marketing activities is a trump card!

Visa – Introducing a new Innovation

Whether it is our cardiovascular system or the payment system, the message is clear: Visa wants to align itself with the ideals of excellence that the Olympics have come to represent. In a heartbeat, the financial services provider not only launched a powerful video, but also uses the platform to introduce its newest product: the Visa payment ring, which allows you to pay with only one wave of your hand. Sponsorships can be a great way to let your customers know about your newest hits.

P&G – Building up Engagement in the Long-Run

Procter and Gamble focuses its campaign on the most important people behind every outstanding athlete: mums. Emotionally telling the story of the Olympic athletes’ difficult journeys, the brand started its campaign already back on Mother’s Day. With over 15 million views alone on Youtube, the film “Strong” is one of the most viewed Olympic Games videos. Launching your campaign early can be an excellent way to engage with your audience throughout your sponsorship activities.
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