Optimy software can help you deliver your clients’ strategy & projects

According to statistics,  2016 is projected to be the golden year for sponsorships. Large amounts of money are flowing not only into the sports industry but also into arts and entertainment.

This means that more than ever you, as an Agency, play a key role in defining the right strategy and activating projects in the most efficient way.

Optimy proposes a cutting-edge solution to support you and your customers reach the best result by:  

  • Auditing all on-going activities at group level
  • Streamlining the flow of opportunities and easily identifying the best ones
  • Managing and activating all projects in an efficient way   
  • Assessing the performance of the projects


 Optimy, trusted by over 150 customers worldwide with a retention rate over 98%, is the software for you.

Our customers speak for us!

The Optimy software is the tailor-made solution for sponsorship management. It allows companies to save time and resources, compare projects and take the best decisions.

Danyel Braga, Sponsorship Senior Manager, CSM Brasil

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