Sponsorship and ROI

Joellyn Sargent wrote an interesting article about sponsorship ROI; principle in a strategic marketing and management consulting firm focusing on the main issue for companies that wants to start a sponsorship strategy :

Questions to keep in mind about sponsorship ROI

In order to set up a successful strategy, there are several questions that needs to be kept in mind.

1.What are your objectives for the sponsorship project?

An objective must be set so everyone working on the project understands exactly why they are doing what they are doing. At times, there will be decisions that needs to be made and having an objective and an understanding on the project will help make that decision making easier.

2. Is the project that you are going to be funding suitable for your criteria?

When you are spending a certain amount of your budget on the project, you surely want the project to give you the best results. This is why setting a criteria is necessary. It will help you identify which project will help you meet your target and worth investing in. This way, every project that you invest in will be an addition to achieving your overall goals.

The questions above will help determine whether or not the event will be the best that will be your objectives and whether or not it will produce and outstanding result.

Source: evancarmichael

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