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By December 5, 2014Sponsorship management

In the article “Sporting chance: how to engage with fans” published on November 11 in Marketing Magazine, Stuart Smith tackles the subject of using sports sponsorship to engage with fans. In recent years, companies have been more and more investing in sports sponsorship as it has become a significant marketing tool. To better understand this phenomenon, Smith has interviewed Misha Sher, MediamCom Sport’s director of partnerships and brands who helped him figuring how sporting events have become so important and who should be consulted as to build a global campaign around these events.

Sher explains that sports sponsorship has been increasing lately because brands are looking for new media to reach their targets. This kind of promotion has great advantages including the fact that it reaches a large audience and enables companies to engage with fans. Sher maintains that sports audience is “very receptive to brand messaging”.
With regard to the planning stage, Sher suggests that companies understand their client’s objectives first and then, develop a close working relationship with all promoting intermediaries. Planning global campaigns is considerably more complicated nowadays than it used to. Hence, the need for companies to adapt and maintain a close dialogue with consumers across all platforms.
In order to succeed when activating global campaigns, brands should “understand how individuals consume content in different territories and the tools they use for this engagement”, Sher says. Another key is to have a system in place to carry out day-to-day business across all media channels to get the most out of each campaign.
Smith reminds us eventually that agencies and businesses are still working on finding new ways of promotion in the ever-changing global marketplace. Stronger connection and coordination between agencies might be one key to increase efficiency.
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