Sponsorship: evolution and new trends

This is an interesting article from iSportconnect.com, a global network of Sport Business Executives, that shows you how sponsorship activities have been evolving : http://www.isportconnect.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17403:generate-10-years-10-lessons-in-sponsorship&catid=56:featured-releases&Itemid=165

Some statements seem to be essential to know in order to build or to strengthen a sponsorship strategy:
The role of digital marketing and social media is much bigger today and both are now key tools to reach a higher brand awareness.
Due to a difficult economic context, budgets are decreased and sponsors have to be creative to do more with less means, and as a consequence, brands ask more rights and benefits in their sponsorship contracts.
Some recent examples proved that sponsorship based on a personality could have important impact, positive but also negative.
The relationship between brands and right holders has been changing as they focus on establishing a win-win relationship.
CSR is now essential to companies as they have to be more involved in their environment and with their targets.

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