Sports Values & Social Development: the perfect match

Although sports sponsorship and social for development have different approaches, analysing a significant number of projects where they work together we can find similar interests shared between both sides.

Why are social for development organisations interested in sports values?

  1. Global reach with community links

All people are, in theory, able to participate in sport in so many ways giving a basis of mutual respect and an adherence to common rules. This makes sport an ideal medium for forming partnerships in any local community. In that way, a brand can design a global strategy of activities based on sports able to implement in a standard way all around the globe.

  1. Breaking down social barriers and develop common goals

Sporting activities, particularly team sports, provide an opportunity to bring together parts of society in limited contact, e.g. different religious or ethnic groups, giving the chance to corporations to develop social projects sharing sports goals as a unique social driver.

  1. Public health and education benefits

By encouraging physical activity, sport improves the health of participants – particularly beneficial in the context of growing rates of chronic diseases and poor mental health. At the same time, this sports practice gives an educational framework of mutual respect, self-development, and common effort that helps with any social education and awareness activity. Participants in sporting activities often become active and empowered members of society, creating role models that help the society to grow in terms of sports culture.

  1. Multi-generational

Sport is of particular interest to young people, especially in poor countries where social opportunities may be limited and they see it as an opportunity to grow in several terms but at the same time gives to all the population of different generations a strong social link that connects everyone in multiple aspects.

  1. Sense of belonging

When we speak of a sense of belonging, we refer to the feeling or consciousness of being part of a group in which we acquire reference models, which directly influence our characteristics as human beings. Sport has the enormous capacity to create points of union on which a community can develop an activity of social growth.

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Article written by Óscar Yáñez

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