Strategies to increase your productivity as a grant maker

By February 27, 2018Grant management

This is probably not the first blog post about productivity that you’ve come across but how many were actually catered towards your role as a grantmaker? Looking at your responsibilities as a grantmaker, in order for someone to give you an advice on how you can increase your productivity, they should at least have an understanding of what you do and based on that – how can YOU increase your productivity.

Since we are all about helping you increase your productivity within your role here are your top three tips from us!


Just get started!

The first step is always the hardest, isn’t it? But do you know that if you have a workflow in place, it will be easier because you know exactly what needs to be done instead of having to think about what to do. Having a workflow will make the process of the project run smoother. Often a workflow is well thought out in order to make everything go as planned.


Transparency with the project

Being transparent will avoid confusion, questions, and unclear actions. This means that any tasks performed by your colleague will be of its maximum potential and will benefit the project as they are aware of every details of the project. It makes decision making easier. How can you do this? Ensure that everyone has the details of the project, knows the goal of the project, and is aware of their role. Monitor everything in one place where everyone can access to would be a good starting point – this means that everyone will be on the same page based on the progress of the project.


Automating several things

Having several things automated like responses for applications you’ve received or set an automatic workflow means that you do not have to touch the task unless needed! This means you can spend the time tackling tasks that matter more towards the success of the project. Using a software will be a good starting point.

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