How to streamline the grant application process

By November 16, 2017Grant management

Having a streamline in a process will help your foundation with productivity, avoid having confusions, and will give you clarity with directions.

Here are a few steps to help you streamline the grant application process:


Use a software

Using a software will help you step up your game, you no longer have to worry about making mistakes in the admin tasks nor will you lose any files again because for each application that has provided any documents, the documents will be kept with the application that has provided the file. A good software will also allow you to design application forms and store all the data for you.


Know what you need

If you know the information you need, make sure to ask that in the application form since the beginning. Using a software will not let the applicants to proceed until have the provided you with the information that you need. This way, you do not have to waste any time on requesting more information and everything can be processed quickly.


Have a strategy

Having a strategy is like knowing your plans to success and following the same steps every time to achieve your goals. If you have a strategy, it means that you know what to do at each stage, this will help you with the streamline throughout the whole process and not just with the application process. Knowing what you need to do without having to think will make it easier for you as you will never have to work out which steps to take next every time you do it.


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