Strong employee commitment for a successful CSR strategy

By November 20, 2014Social Investment

The last Conference Board of Canada’CSR Summit which took place in Toronto on October 29 and 30 brought up the topic of companies improving employee commitment as a way to succeed in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Indeed, workers are known to be the drivers of an organization’s reputation and promoting their well-being often goes with profitable business.

Leslie Bennett, founder of Open Spaces Learning, a Canadian change management company that helps firms to have social impact, and Elizabeth Dove, a specialist in sustainability and social change strategy, sum up in an article on the website of Triple Pundit the main objectives businesses should have in order to leverage their CSR impact.

On top of the list, both Bennett and Dove suggest that employees should have their word on one company’s CSR commitment. The company should also communicate about its CSR actions with, for example, videos that could create an emotional connection with internal stakeholders. Besides, employees should have the opportunity to participate in community initiatives and thus bring their core competencies to CSR projects.
Another key to success takes its roots in team building: as Jeff Goldman of Step Forward Paper highlighted it during the summit, a CSR program with real employee involvement starts with human resource decisions that prioritize values in the hiring process.
Bennett and Dove point out that creating a corporate culture with a defined set of core values is essential to reach a company’s CSR target. A united staff is more likely to be productive and loyal and thus, bring results.
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