How sponsors choose the best sponsorship projects thanks to data collection

Step 1: The purpose of the evaluation. You must carefully consider what you want to learn from this evaluation project and which methods and tools will provide you with the most valid data. Another thing to consider when selecting the … Continue Reading

How can you use data to get the most of your sponsorships?

When it comes to sponsorships, sponsors always try to find the perfect partner (sports team, event, etc.) who share the company’s values and the same audience in order to get the most of this relationship. … Continue Reading

Technology and Big Data collection slowly changing the Sports Industry

“Every […] CEO in every business is dying to have fans”, those were the words of Vivek Ranadivé, leader of the ownership group of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. This goes about laying a strong emphasis on the importance for all … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Cloud services in sport sponsorship: The example of IBM and Wimbledon

The article published in Activative and written by J. Edwards gives details about the long partnership between IBM and the Wimbledon Championship (25 years). During the tournament of this year, IBM prepared the Social Media Command Center, a tool based … Continue ReadingContinue Reading