Foundations news digest – week 24

Are you interested in the philanthropy sector and its latest developments? Look no further as we have made it easy for you to keep up. Check out our handpicked articles featuring the latest philanthropy news! Andrew Forrest gives away large … Continue Reading

6 organisations that have volunteer programs to make the world a better place

Webster’s dictionary defines a volunteer as : “a person who does something by free choice usually with no payment expected or given”. This introduction may be hackneyed, but the volunteering programs you’re about to read are far from that. Check … Continue Reading

Spring of Philanthropy: a Belgian nationwide event

Last weekend marked the end of the Spring of Philanthropy This event which took place in Belgium from the 27th of April till the 12th of May. This was organised by the King Baudouin Foundation and aimed to promote philanthropy in … Continue Reading

Sponsorship and Snapchat: 4 Ways to Engage with your Community

What is Snapchat? If you are an entrepreneur and can’t answer this question yet you might want to catch up on your research. With over 100 million users every day, the mobile messaging service is far more than just a … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

How to involve employees in solidarity projects?

« The world’s leading hotel operator, AccorHotels has built its history on a deep dedication to forging ties. As a leader, we have always cared about upholding a high level of commitment to our employees, our guests, our partners and our … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

What will be the next Nescafé’s step for being closer to its consumers?

Nescafé, the largest brand for Swiss food giant Nestle and the leader in the coffee market with 5500 small cups consumed every second in the World, decided to celebrate the international coffee day with the launch of its last innovation. … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Content marketing as a way to activate your sponsorship

When companies activate their sports sponsorships, they often use the same means to promote their activities. Therefore it is difficult to hit the sweet-spot of audience engagement, which is the key reason to engage in these sponsorship activities. … Continue Reading

Strong employee commitment for a successful CSR strategy

The last Conference Board of Canada’CSR Summit which took place in Toronto on October 29 and 30 brought up the topic of companies improving employee commitment as a way to succeed in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Indeed, workers are … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sports sponsorship and marketing evolutions

The interview of Javier Sanchez Lamelas, Coca-Cola’s marketing director for Europe, published in The Guardian, shows us the importance of sports sponsorships in order to reach public and engage with people. Brands want their products to be omnipresent, but also … Continue ReadingContinue Reading