A practical guide to sponsorship management

Know your objectives Before you go forward with any projects you have in mind, you must know exactly what you want to achieve from it. Consider the objectives your goals of the project. Write down what you want to achieve … Continue Reading

How to use Social Media for your Sponsorship

With many new brands entering different industries, brands compete with each other to gain more brand awareness. Sponsorship seems to be the way forward when it comes to bringing your fans directly to your brand by giving them the feel … Continue Reading

Why should you be a sponsor

Give the audience the taste of who you are This point depends on what sort of sponsorship activity it is that you are sponsoring, either way, you are improving the experience for the audience. This gives you an opportunity to … Continue Reading

Traits that sponsorship managers should have

A sponsorship manager is somewhat a very interesting role to be in. Not only must you have a passion for the sponsorship activities itself, you must have an all round knowledge in many areas in order to be sponsoring the … Continue Reading

[Infographics] Sports Sponsorship

Are you curious about how the sports sponsorship industry is moving forward? Take a look at this infographic to know what is happening. Are you looking for a solution to manage your sponsorship activities? Source: Statista

Sponsorship new digest – week 32

Are you up to date with news in the sponsorship industry? This article is crafted to give you updates on the best picks of news from the sponsorship industry. THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF SCORED TWO SPONSORSHIP DEALS A popular … Continue Reading

5 great examples of sponsoring local events and its benefits!

Sponsoring projects is a great way to promote a company and its values. However, it is often considered a very costly expense which is difficult to achieve for smaller businesses. A solution to this problem is sponsoring local events, which are … Continue Reading

Optimy is nominated for Brussels Best Exporters 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the fourth edition of the Brussels Best Exporters in the services category! This award rewards and highlights the most remarkable Brussels achievements abroad and nominates 6 SME’s in Brussels … Continue Reading

What did we learn at the Symposium?

Last week we attended the 2017 edition of the Swiss Foundations Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. With over 400 people present at the event it maintained its reputation as the largest conference for foundations in Switzerland. We had a great day … Continue Reading

Optimy at the Swiss Foundation Symposium 2017

Tomorrow we will be attending the 2017 edition of the Swiss Foundation Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. This event will be bringing together foundations and philanthropists from around Europe for a day of learning and networking.   This year’s theme is … Continue Reading