Optimy Rocks the Stage at Fosdem 2017

Last Sunday Optimy had the opportunity to be invited to speak at Fosdem, one of the best events for software developers in Europe, held in Brussels at the campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Every year, thousands of … Continue Reading

Optimy at Spobis 2017!

The new year is already proving to be an exciting one for us at Optimy. We partnered with Sponsors, the leading German information service provider in the sports business. This week, we attended Spobis, Europe’s largest sports business conference organised … Continue Reading

Optimy Speaks at Fosdem 2017!

We are excited to announce that Optimy has been invited to speak at FOSDEM 2017 this weekend. This conference, held in our very own city of Brussels, is considered to be one of the best events for software developers in … Continue Reading

Optimy at The Sponsorship Forum in Paris! [infographic]

Admical, a network of members promoting corporate philanthropy in France, hosted an event called “Mécènes Forum” with nearly 600 participants and 50 speakers on October 3rd, 2016 in Paris. We joined professionals of sponsorship, business leaders, policy makers, French and … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Optimy at the Swiss Foundation Symposium and German Foundation Congress!

The last few months have been very busy for Optimy! First we had CeBIT, the digital economy’s most important gathering. After that was the Think!Sponsorship Conference and just a week ago we attended two other exciting events: the German Foundation … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

eSports: a growing sponsorship opportunity?

Most people are familiar with traditional sport events. But what will happen to these events as preferences shift to digital forms of entertainment? The answer is already here. While still underground among the older demographics, eSports is a growing business, … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sponsors: Are you looking to easily share information with your partners who are involved with your projects? (3/6)

Sometimes organisations who are engaged in sponsorship activities encounter communication issues regarding the sharing of information. Such issues within organisations arise between project managers, selection boards, external assessors, agencies, etc. … Continue Reading

Social media partnerships, a really good idea?

Social media are a key element of all marketing campaigns. They can help brands activate sponsorship campaigns, create relationships and engage an audience before and during an event. Brands are now looking for original ways to use them and keep … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sponsorships: From individuals to teams and events

Today more and more companies choose to sponsor teams and events instead of individuals. Companies are afraid that an individual could harm the image of the company with a personal scandal and that the money spent on sponsorship will be … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Sponsorship : the example of Roland Garros

The Roland Garros tournament is one of the most convincing example about the importance of sponsorship in sport events. More than just a partner, the BNP bank acquired the image of a real godfather for over 40 years, and to … Continue ReadingContinue Reading