Optimy at the Swiss Foundation Symposium 2017

Tomorrow we will be attending the 2017 edition of the Swiss Foundation Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland. This event will be bringing together foundations and philanthropists from around Europe for a day of learning and networking.   This year’s theme is … Continue Reading

How to audit and ensure the compliance of your sponsorship and grant activities?

Every day hundreds of sponsorship and grant activities are carried out. Collecting data, checking the compliance of your sponsorship and grant activities, assessing their impact and generating reports have become more and more important. … Continue Reading

Good news: Exceptional rise of corporate philanthropy in France

The report Corporate philanthropy trends in France, published every two years by Admical, shows a significant rise of philanthropy figures for the first time since 6 years. … Continue Reading

Meet MyStatistics, the new feature we developed just for you!

As our users know, Optimy is built around them. Being customer-oriented, we’re constantly listening to their feedback and developing new functionalities according to their needs. … Continue Reading

How to manage grants effectively

If you are struggling with managing your projects, tracking the impact of your grant program or reporting the results, we have a solution to help make your grant management easier and smarter. … Continue Reading

How to plan a charity event in 10 steps

  Sources: https://knowhownonprofit.org/funding/fundraising/fundraising-events-and-challenges/events/events http://www.thefundraisingauthority.com/fundraising-basics/fundraising-event/

How to manage and view your sponsorship or grant budget anyway you like!

Optimy is a modular software that enables you to efficiently manage all, or part of your sponsorship, partnership or grant activities. … Continue Reading

Do you lack a global view of all your sponsorship or grant activities? (5/6)

Keeping track of all the projects your organization support can become quite a workload. Some organizations face several difficulties when it comes to audit their global sponsorship or grant activities: • The organization is present in several countries and doesn’t … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Would you like to assess the impact of your projects? (6/6)

Do you also find assessing the impact of your projects difficult? We have heard from many people that they struggle with finding the right KPI’s and don’t have a working tool in place to consistently assess and compare their projects. … Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Optimy celebrates the launch of its user club dedicated to grant management in Paris

Brussels, April 17 2015. Optimy, a company that has developed a sponsorship and grant management software, had the pleasure to launch a user club dedicated to grant management! … Continue Reading